About Us
We are small Kennel in the Southern Tablelands, I owned and showed Samoyeds in the 1960’s and after raising my two boys decided to purchase another Samoyed.
My eldest son lives in England and is a Chartered Accountant his hobbies are  running. (He runs for pleasure) and visiting Disneyland.
My youngest is a Podiatrist in Adelaide he is a Middle Distance Runner competing at the top level.
We live on Five Acres on the outskirts of Goulburn at Run O Waters.
I purchased Kalina Southern Kyma (Misha) from Mrs Sydenham-Clarke in Victoria and she gained her Australian Title. I mated her with Ch. Roybridge The Highlander (Imp UK) and she had 3 puppies (one of these died after birth) I kept the female (Mel) and I sold the male (Talen)
Both of these puppies are now Australian Champions
In August 2011 we mated Kip and Mel and she had 3 babies, 2 girls and a boy. I kept one of the girls (Sally) and the other two went to wonderful pet homes where they are being loved and well looked after.
In April 2013 we mated Mel to Lucas (Mezen Jedi Knight) and she had 4 babies 2 girls and 2 boys. I kept one of the girls (Grete) and the others went to pet homes the boys on the Central Coast and the girl to a good friend of mine in Goulburn.
In June 2016 we mated Sally to Tequila (Sup.Ch. Dawnsnow is an Evil Lil Bear) and she had 5 babies 3 boys and 2 girls. I kept one of the boys (Haile) my son Brad kept a girl (Zola) Jacque has a girl (Karma) and the other 2 boys went to pet homes one living with Sallys sister Astra and the other living in Goulburn.
Three of these babies are being shown and all three have obtained their Australian Champion Title.